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Introducing Rohani Perfume Group

In 1961, Rohani. Haj. Hossein began his work with the opening of a store in Mashhad and called it Golha perfume.
The other branch of this store was opened in 1968 with the participation of his two other brothers, Rohani Yazdi. Haj Ahmad & Haj Hassan, on Vazir Nezam three-way intersection in Mashhad.
During these years, the brothers' activity was carried out by European companies as Swiss Givaudan, France luthier and Norden of the Netherlands.
After separating Rohani. Haj Ahmad from his brothers, he and his two sons Rohani Yazdi. Abbas &Nasser opened the first store named Rohani Perfume in the Bazar Reza in 1979 and they were the founder of Rohani Perfume.

حاج عباس روحانی یزدی - حاج ناصر روحانی یزدی

The first perfume department of Rohani was opened in 1992 after 13 years.
With the death of Rohani. Haj Ahmad in 2001, the management of this collection was entrusted to his sons Rohani Yazdi .Abbas &Nasser.
The same year, with the opening of the Central Branch, the collaboration was officially launched exclusively with the Swiss Givaudan Corporation, which lasted for 10 years and then co-operated with the French Expressions company.
In 2011, in order to further develop in the work, two other branches were added to Rohani the perfume collection.
During the course of its activities, the goal of this series is to offer the products with the best quality in the world and will continue to follow this trend. The collection was opened on December 26, 2016 with the opening of another branch, as well as its registration and trade logo number 263859, under name of the Rohani perfume group, with 6 authorized and active branches. Currently, this collection is managed by the two brothers Rohani Yazdi. Abbas &Nasser.

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